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Oct 21, 2012 12:00am EDT
, jordan, competing they never lost that hunger edge. how do you do it? >> that part is not hard. because once you taste it, i mean you just got to go back for more. it is that great-tasting champagne, or steak, nobody just ever has one steak, you always want to go back and get more. >> tell me, one the reasons i wanted you on the show, we have people republican, and democratic, i have seen you rip up both sides. >> both sides. >> i recently heard about the blog, where you said we're not better off, are we the same? >> yes, individually, it just depends on your own circumstances. as a country if you go back four years ago, here we are in september, september 2008 where four or five are the biggest one day drops in the dow. when you watch the stock market go up trillions, people have no certainty whatsoever. at the same time, we're sitting there talking about being in the throes of the great depression. and not only were we in the throes of the great depression, we were leaning towards a depression, we didn't know what was happening with banks or housing, today we were worried about the fi
Oct 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
do you keep that hunger alive? guys like the bulls in the days of jordan, three-peating, how do they keep the edge? pave that's not hard. once you taste it, you have to go back for more. it's that great tasting champagne. or steak. no one ever just has one steak. you always want more. >> tell me, you've been -- one of the reasons i want you on the show because we have people who are more republicaning inorien. i've heard you rip both sides. are we better off than four years ago? >> individually it depends on your personal circumstances. you may or may not be. as a country, if you go back four years ago, here we are in september. september 2008 we had four or five of the biggest one-day drops in the dow. when you watch the market go up and down, trillions of dollars, people have no certainty. at the same time we were talking about being in the throes of the great resectisession. not only were we in a great recession, we didn't know if we were leaning toward recession. we didn't know about banking, housing. complete uncertainty. today we're worried about the fiscal cliff. back th
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
usa captain davis love iii inserts cup spectators michael jordan, president george w. bush and the reverend jesse jackson into the lineup, or make lee westwood a u.s. citizen. so funny, because he wasn't playing well. marty mcfly shows team europe captain how to go back in time, last friday morning will do. number five, team europe wins eight of the remaining 12 matches to retain the cup. team usa has a two-day lead that cup casts pray for. it's as difficult as trying to climb mount everest wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts. he still wasn't finished. if mrs. potter had had quinn uplets and they all played golf. he beat himself up, originally tipping europe. yes, i picked europe to win, i also picked samsung over apple, the wicked witch over dorothy and savannah state over florida. i
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)